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Pershing for Sale

Seamlessly blending performance, luxury and comfort in a single, thrilling design, Pershing has been producing this winning combination of megayachts since 1985. Founded in 1981 by a group of three Italian entrepreneurs, the yard collaborated with designer Fulvio De Simons to create their first luxury yacht, the Pershing 45. Since then, the brand has gone on to become an industry leader, producing fiberglass composite and steel and aluminium megayachts. Part of the Ferretti Group, Pershing is known for its aggressive styling, streamlined interiors and supreme, powerful performance. 


Known for their unique, streamlined shapes, the Pershing fleet places speed and blended living at its core. Many of the models, such as Pershing 74 and 9x, feature superstructure windows, and monolithic curvatures which allows for plenty of natural light to flood the interiors. The brand’s drive for innovative solutions, such as the adoption of surface propeller transmission on all its models to offer the right balance of performance and fuel consumption, sets them apart from their peers. Each model also offers owners’ the chance to customize the interior exactly to match their own style and personality. 


Lightweight, high-performance and fast, the Pershing 8X is among the most spacious and fastest in its category, thanks to its carbon fibre hull. 


The sporty lines of the 9X are elevated by the aerodynamic profile of the sun deck. Offering complete privacy and elegant surroundings, the 9X is innovation at its finest. 


Functional, sophistication and fast, the Pershing 108 was created to blend luxury and fuel consumption efficiency. Celebrated for its range and low noises, it can reach a speed of over 42 knots.