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Mangusta for Sale

With over 30 years of experience shaping your megayacht dreams, Mangusta is here to build your ideal yacht. Founded in 1985 by Giuseppe Balducci in Tuscany, the brand works out of three shipyards. The leading motor yacht brand from the Overmarine Group, Mangusta believes that every yacht it builds is the ideal opportunity to fuel the owners’ dreams – and surpass them. Offering bespoke interiors and with leading engineering and technological expertise, Mangusta prides itself on its years of experience and knowledge. Family-owned, the team remains deeply rooted in its Italian history, continuing loyal to its original values with its gaze aimed towards the future. 


Mangusta launched its first large, high-performance, “open” sports yacht, the Mangusta 80 in the 1990s. The model was a huge success, paving the way for the brand’s first tri-deck motor yacht, the Mangusta Oceano in 2016. Ranging from 43m to 60m, this series of long-range, displacement motor yachts offers an ideal blend of volume, luxury, design and technology. The Mangusta GranSport line merges top performance and transoceanic range for exploration, while the Mangusta Maxi-Open line offers the best of design and spacious liveability, comfort, speed and exceptional engineering quality that is second to none.

Maxi 165E

One of the fastest in its category, the Mangusta 165E is designed to create a unique onboard experience and open yacht, which is second to none. 

GranSport 177'

An ideal model for those looking for an performance yacht, the Mangusta GranSport 177′ brings together striking styling and speeds, with ultimate comfort.

Oceano 141'

Designed to fulfil your desire to travel, no matter the distance, this 141′ displacement yacht offers supreme range and speed in the safest and most luxurious surroundings.